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Indoor Activities

Bake It All

Not only is baking great for bonding, but everyone is learning in a fun way. Let the creative juices flow! Savory or sweet, you cant go wrong. 


Make Photo String

Pull out the old polaroid or send pictures to your printer. Use Clothes pins or paper clips to attach them to a piece of yarn and hang them around the home to keep the memories alive.


Shaving Cream Creativity

Spray shaving cream on a table and let them go crazy. From drawing to spelling, the creativity and learning is endless. Add silly string for a color pop. For easy clean up, tape plastic wrap to the table before spraying. 


Cook A Meal Together

Depending on the age of your littles, this can go many different ways. With my youngest being pretty young still, we have to keep it safe and somewhat simple if everyone is participating. A favorite with my family is calzones cooked in the air fryer. They get to pick their ingredients and assemble. Then they set the air fryer themselves. It makes the youngest's feel grown and the older kids feel even more grown since they get to help their siblings. 


Have A Game Night

Again, there are so many options! Show the kiddos board games from your childhood, maybe play their favorite video game. Or create a game as a family. Make sure to take pictures to put on your photo string!


A New You

It is the perfect way for kids to express their imagination while also being able to see how they view themselves and how they are feeling. To start, all you need is a poster board or two per child (depending on height), tape and markers. Tape the poster board to a wall and trace your child. Then let them color themselves as they see fit. Add anything that makes you think of your kiddo, such as stickers of their favorite characters and shapes.

Create Your Own

Every family is unique. It is very important to discuss the individual interest between family members, as well as finding the shared interests. Then being able to create your own activity that is special between you and your family. In my home, everyone enjoys making candles. The kids are able to pick their own colors, scents, and even jars they want to use. They also plant and take care of their own herbs and flowers to incorporate. 

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