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Mix It Up

Set up Your Garden

Gardening is something my family and i have always done together. When i became disabled, this is something we had to work our way back up to, and we can no longer do it the way we used to. Rather than fully gardening outside, we put an old sheet on our table and get everything set there. That way i can still be part of the fun. After everything is planted, my kids help carry pots and starters outside and put the new plant babies where they need to go. Then when it comes to taking care of the plants, each child has their certain job. From watering to picture taking/logging progress, no job is too big or too little. They just love that we are able to continue one of our biggest family activities. 



Inside or outside, composting is not only beneficial but teaches the littles so many great lessons. We have done composting with worms as well as a homemade compost bin. The worms were inside, and the bin was outside. It also makes gardening so much easier due to being able to give the plants what they need to strive in the most organic way possible.


Photo Session

No matter what activity you do, you can make a fun photo session out of it to hang on photo strings or put in an album. Dress for the season and pose for the camera. It's amazing to see how the kids choose to look at the time. Its also great because once they are outside, they enjoy everything they can. I have an email set up for all of my kids, and when we do this, I email them the pictures. When they get old enough ill be giving them the log in info so they can read the letters I've sent over the years as well as pictures from their lives. 

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