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Just Be

As boring as it may sound to just sit around with nothing distracting anyone, it is one of the best ways to spend family time. My family and I lived in the woods a little more than 10 miles up a mountain. There was no service without a satellite so when the weather caused a power outage, we couldn't just get on social media or text friends to pass the time. It was amazing. We would light the candles that we previously made, and use the wood burning stove to make tea. Then sit in the candlelight and talk about life. Goals, fears, things we would all like to see change within our family dynamic. Being able to have successful, stress free, open honesty family meetings has kept us strong through the hardest times. And I will always and forever recommend having days where there are no screens, no friends, no talk about work. Just letting everyone express what they need to, with no restrictions. Our children are people just like we are. Helping them feel comfortable expressing what they need to, even if its hard truths, will create a trusting relationship. Creating trust leads to open communication about all things. Things that you would want to be there for. Things that so many kids are afraid to talk to their parents about. Family activities are great. Whether inside, outside or a mix of both. But this one is my favorite. Hanging out in the yard, sitting around the dinner table or having a sleepover in the living room, you have the opportunity to just be. Just be present with each other and enjoy what YOU have created.
Please share what your family does when its time to just be
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