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Your Experiences

Whether Positive Or Negative, Your Experiences Are Worth Talking About

Everything we experience makes us who we are. Both positive and negative experiences teach us in some way. Maybe something you've been through is now your guide on how you want to react to unfavorable situations. Or perhaps you have experienced something so great that you think back on it during your days of feeling down, as a boost to get you back up. I know how hard it is to see the lesson at the time, but it will present itself when its right. This page is for you to share your experiences, good or bad, to see if anyone else has went through the same thing. Hopefully, helping someone who is missing the lesson. Or even opening someone's eyes to a different way of thinking, making the experience that much more beneficial. 

Share Anywhere

Or Everywhere

Comment, Discuss, Or Do Both

There is a comment section here to be able to post your experiences. Or if you want to join the community, there is an option that takes you to our forum. Maybe show people a glimpse of who are, and the rest of your story on the forum. At the end of every Saturday, two experiences that are shared will be chosen to be on this page. If you would not like to be chosen, please make that clear in your comment or post.

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