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About Me

At the beginning of 2021 I was a full time homeschooling mama and a part time Massage Therapist. My family and I lived up a mountain in the outskirts of a small town. Then in March of 2021 we were in a car accident that put both my husband and I out of work due to the injuries. After being back at work for a couple of months, I had to go to the walk in clinic for chest pain that I had been experiencing for a few days. No tests were ran, I was told at 29 It had to just be anxiety and I was sent home. Later that evening I had my heart attack and from that moment everything changed. For the 2.5 months following my heart attack, I couldn't keep anything down. I had been to the hospital many times to try to figure out what was going on and every time it was the same routine... hydration, nausea meds, potassium then sent back home. I went to a different hospital that someone recommended and was admitted for two weeks. It was there that I found out I had a brain infection that went missed for too long. I left that hospital unable to use my legs, and having loss of cognitive function. My brain doesn't easily connect to the rest of my body anymore, and cant send full signals some of the time. My family has been learning to navigate life this new way and I look forward to sharing the journey.

This Is Life

Its real, raw and unedited. My kids are going to look like a hot mess in most of the pictures, because my goal is to capture what is happening naturally. Making them stop to get picture ready would take the authenticity and joy out of everything. There will most likely be spelling and grammar mistakes, thanks to the brain infection that took away some of my cognitive function. The thing is, I’m ok with that. Life is beautiful. But also, beautifully messy and exhausting. And at some point, you realize what is important to you. For me, that's not making everyone think i have a picture-perfect life. It’s about creating memories and celebrating even the small things. I created this safe space, in hopes that others will open up and show their lives. Not just the easy parts. Let us see you, the real you. The you full of laughs, but also the you that breaks down when no one is around. I am so glad you've found your way to this page, and I can’t wait to get to know you.

The Importance Of Having A Support System

When going through the hardest times in your life, it’s nice to have someone there to lean on. Even if it’s just for a talk here and there. After I had my brain infection my brother and sister-in-law would spend hours on the phone with me. Because the medicine to get rid of the infection made me unable to sleep and forgetful beyond belief. So, we talked for hours, usually about the same things repeatedly, because I didn't remember already talking about them. My chosen mom prepared food that she knew would be good for my heart, as well giving my body everything it needed to rebuild what was lost. My dad and bonus mom would remind me every few days that I was strong enough to make it through anything and I just had to have hope and be the person they knew I was. My father-in-law was who I called when I needed a dose of reality. A reminder that yes, things sucked, but I needed to have my little cry about it then figure out what I needed to do to get some answers. Then I had my soulmate friend, who even with being in a different state has managed to help me through every doubt and every moment of weakness since this has all started. And of course, my husband. Without him, I wouldn't have even been able to make it to the bathroom. I know not everyone has that kind of support. I think often of what my life would have been if I went through all of this while still married to my ex-husband. It is not something I would have made it through. And I want each one of you reading this to know that I'll be here if you don't have the support system you need. Or even if you do but need someone who understands what it’s like when you feel like life is winning and you don't know how to handle it. Please don't ever be afraid to reach out. Click here to show us your support system.

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