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The Story Behind The Site

When I experienced my heart attack the first thing my doctor told me to do was find a community that had been through the same thing. It would make it less scary, and easier to get through. I was told that the first six months after a heart attack is very difficult due to the fear of having another one. The more my health problems grew, the harder it was to find a community that I felt like I fit in to. I joined group after group in hopes of finding a few that would help how I was feeling. I ended up not even being able to join discussions in one of the groups, because I didn't have close relationships with anyone in the group. It was very disheartening. So I've been working my hardest to think of and create a place that I would've liked to find when I needed it. I truly hope this community helps you feel heard, build relationships and find the comfort you need. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 


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Current Discussion Topic

brain-colorful-creative (2).jpg

How do you go about telling those in your social and personal circle that you are going to start using a mobility aid?

With and without a diagnosis or recommendation for such?

How to take and educate them if they don't understand or critique you for using a mobility aid?

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